Friday, August 1, 2014

Tornado Update

Hello Quilters!

Thank you all for your kind offers of help and concern.
Hubby and I are doing just fine, if still a little dazed.
The structural engineer has been in and has determined that the main girder is not damaged so we will be able to stay in the house while the reconstruction is done on the south side of the house.  I'm not sure if we'll be able to stand the mess and the noise but at least the house won't fall on our heads.  We won't know the timeline for a couple of weeks for construction.

The entire neighbourhood is in a terrible state.  Our house was minor compared to some here while other properties weren't even touched.

Here are some outside photos.
Cranes lifting fallen trees off of houses block the road.

Our backyard. 100+ year old oaks fallen.  Roots torn out of the ground.
What's left of the trees in our front yard.
We lost 13 mature trees and many smaller ones.  We will know more about the backyard once the crane has been in to remove the dangerous trees.  The neighbourhood is so noisy with chainsaws, chippers, trucks and workers.  Usually it's very, very quiet.
The workers must be exhausted.  There are tree companies from all over Southwestern Ontario here.

The most surprising thing for me has been the lack of assistance/response from the outside world.  I had always thought that if you had a natural disaster strike that there would be all kinds of agencies and organizations turning up to help.  Since all of the damage was to private property, we have been abandoned and left to our own devices.  The municipality even had to be strong-armed into agreeing to pick up branches from the roadsides.

The emergency services were very quick to respond on Sunday night when the tornado hit.  The volunteer firemen and women were going door to door to check on people.  Union Gas responded to the gas leaks and the roads were cleared as quickly as possible from fallen trees so that emergency vehicles could come through.

Monday was the worst day.  There were so many people driving through to take a look at the damage and take pictures that they clogged the roads and prevented service vehicles and tree cutters from working effectively.  Those people never offered to help anyone but just be entertained by others' misfortune.......shame on them!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Grand Bend Tornado

Hello Quilters!

A big thank you to all of you that have sent emails and made phone calls to see if Hubby and I are okay.  We are not hurt........just in a state of shock, I think.  Who ever thinks that they will be in a tornado?????

We had three trees come through the roof over our master bedroom.  Here's what that looks like.

The walls are cracked and the main roof trusses are broken.  Our builder came out and thinks that they will need to replace the entire south wall of the house plus some of the eastern side and we will need a new roof and trusses.  That means we will need to move out for a bit.  We won't know the complete details of the reconstruction for a couple of week.  In the meantime, we are living in the basement in one of the guest rooms so we are fine.

The tree guys have been here for 2 days trying to get the trees out of the roof.  Today they brought in a crane.  There are some very nasty noises coming from the bedroom!!!!  As long as there isn't a big crash I guess we are okay.....

We have lost close 15-20 mature trees mostly oaks and pines.  Anyone need some free firewood???

The good news studio is fine.  

Again, thanks for all your calls and emails.  It's nice to know we have such caring friends.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Very Bad Blogger

Hello Quilters!

Yes, I have been very neglectful of my blog lately.  Sorry about that!

Hubby and I had a wonderful trip to France and England in June.  We went to northern France to visit the gravesites of my husband's Grandfather and Great Uncles who died in World War I.  It was very touching to see how beautifully maintained the military cemeteries were.  The respect for the Canadian soldiers who fought and died for France is still very much present there.

We were able to visit the Vimy Memorial.  The memorial itself is breathtaking.  The grounds had the remains of the tunnels and trenches embedded in the landscape and a few restored ones for visitors to walk in.

From there we travelled by train to Paris.  We had rented an apartment rather than staying in a tiny hotel room for the same price.  It was so much fun to have a taste of Parisian life!  The apartment was rented through Perfectly Paris in the Montmartre area of Paris.  Having experienced this sort of accommodation, I wouldn't hesitate to do this again.
Notre Dame Cathedral

The Louvre
We spent 5 glorious days exploring Paris and can't wait to go back again.

From there we travelled by the Euro Star Train through the Chunnel from Paris to London, England.
Going through the Chunnel had been on my life list.......check!! It was a bit anti-climatic as there is no real fanfare just 20 minutes of darkness and your in England.

We were in England staying in East Grinstead to do some family tree investigation for my Father's family who lived in East Grinstead for 3 generations.
East Grinstead, UK

Churchyard of St. Swithuns Church in East Grinstead

Altar of St. Peter and St. Paul's Church in Edenbridge, UK where my many times great-grandparents were married in 1705.
As you can see, we had a very memorable trip and hope to return once again some day.
Unfortunately, I've hit a bit of a bump in the road health wise so I haven't been very productive in the studio.  This is my only completed project this month.
Voyager Bag

Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Whirlwind of Teaching

Hello Quilters!
What a busy Spring I've had with teaching.  A big thank you to all of the guilds that invited me to share my lectures and workshops with them over the past few months.
Last week found me in Calgary with the Piecemakers of Calgary Quilt Guild for their 25th anniversary.  A special thanks to Sonja who not only worked on the organization for my teaching visit but also had me stay with her.
Calgary Peacemakers working on their quilts.
Here are a few of the projects I've been working on....
Clearing out an old bin of kid's fabrics!  The result was 14 pillowcases for the Childrens' Hospital.  

This table topper was done at Kalioscope of Quilts Potluck Sewing night.  The pattern is Rock Candy by Jaybird Quilts.  Other than the fact that my Cauliflower Mac and Cheese didn't survive the crockpot trip, it was a great evening!

This is the log cabin quilt that I'm working on in the studio.  I'm using lots of taupes, greys and blacks with a fleck of green or rust here and there.  The strips finish at 3/4"so there are plenty of seam allowances and thread used.

I can't remember if I have shown this before.  This is the Voyager Bag from Brenda Miller.  The pattern is very well written.  Shirley at The Marsh Store had a workshop for this bag.  As I'm not too confident with zippers, I was happy to have Shirley lead me through the process.  It was easier than I thought it would be!  Three more of these bags are cut out and ready for me to sew into Christmas presents.  These bags are made with the  foam batting so they are very sturdy.

A Mothers' Day gift certificate from The Marsh Store promoted the palette below.  At the moment, I'm designing a quilt to go with the fabrics.  Sort of backwards, but it works for me!

Yesterday was a spectacular day here on the shores of Lake Huron.  I took a walk along the beach enjoying watching the boaters on the lake and watching the families enjoying their beach time.  There were so many people on the beach that it looked like a long weekend in summer!  That long, cold winter will make us all sun worshippers this summer.  Enjoy!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

Wishing all the Moms a wonderful Mothers' Day.  Hopefully you will spend the day being spoiled by your children.
We had a very successful Studio Tour last weekend with about 105 people through.
More later!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Grand Bend Studio Tour Today and Tomorrow!

Hello Quilters!
Hubby and I are all set up for the studio tour and expect to see people arrive any time now.
My husband is selling his beautiful photographs and some notecards he had printed with two of his favourite photos.
I thought I'd share with you the studio display and quilt display before everyone comes.
Wouldn't it be nice if all those retired teaching samples went home with someone?????

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Grand Bend Studio Tour

Life is very busy just now but I wanted to let you all know that my husband and I are participating in the Grand Bend Area Studio Tour this weekend.
Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday 11;00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Come and see some of my quilts.  Maybe you'll see something you'd like to take home!
My husband's amazing photographs will be for sale too!

Hope to see you this weekend.
For more information visit